Like I mentioned it in my previous article about  ways to make money online creating  a website or blogs is one of the most important things to do.

There are many website and videos  out there that shows you how to build a website, but to make it easier for you since you already on this page and to help those who really want to make some money here is the basic things you need to do

How to create a website   

First thing  you need  to know on how to create a website is you need a name. The name is very important to represent  your online activities that’s why you will need to choose it carefully and  by carefully I mean a simple one, easy to read and write so people can access to your website easily .

Now that you have your name there are several  ways to build this website if you have some knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.  it is good opportunity to fix yourself a goal and practice more.  later on this site I will explain more about  it

If you don’t know anything about those languages don’t worry you still can make it. With the new technology, you don’t need to know any code to create your own website

Once you have the name, look for companies that offer domain name, and register  your domain name for example  or, if you want to create a free website  you can look for free sub-domains, but remember it will not be yours the owner may cancelled it anytime.

The Next step is to find a place to store your do so, you will need to look for a hosting company. Some  company offer both services; domain name and hosting,  so the choice will be yours.

Whether  you choose one company to register your domain name and store your webpage or you choose one company for each service the choice everything  is fine, therefore for second case you will have a little configuration to do which is very simple, but remember  to choose the best company  for the safety of your website.

The last thing you will need to do before starting your blog or building your website is to  install WordPress which is a powerful blogging tools web-based platform and free software that is going to help you create a website or blog easily it has been used by many web developer to create successful website

I’ ll recommend you to watch some videos about creating a website before you get started  and once you’ve  done,  start writing content for your blog or start thinking about how to improve your work  every day to make more money.